Indigenous Business Membership

It’s how we do business!

Become Smudge Certified

ReconciliAction through the meaningful participation of Indigenous owned businesses in the Canadian economy.

Principles of Certification and Commitment

Indigenous Business Membership will meet the following criteria:

  1. Indigenous Businesses are at least 51% Indigenous owned, managed and profit shared businesses, partnerships, joint ventures or other business entities;.
  2. All services are provided with minimal environmental impacts and commitment to reduce impacts, if any;.  
  3. All partners will respect Indigenous cultures and traditions, and make reasonable efforts to work with the land-based host Indigenous groups;.
  4. All partner entities are committed to the principles of reconciliation;.
  5. All partner entities are committed to corporate social responsibility;.
  6. Food related businesses will meet the additional criteria:
    A) All food products are sourced in an ecologically sustainable manner.
    B) All food products are sourced, wherever possible, from Indigenous-owned suppliers.
    C) All food products that are not sourced from Indigenous-owned suppliers are considered traditional Indigenous foods (plants, fish, game).
Join Smudge Certified

Indigenous Business Membership


  • Indigenous Businesses that are Smudge Certified
  • Need declaration of Indigenous heritage
  • 1-30 employees – no Membership fees
  • 30 or more employees – $500 annual membership fee